Regular Tournaments

We run regular tournaments at The Gamers’ Emporium, for both card and miniature games.  The cost for tournaments is in addition to our £2.50 Daily Play fee

The following tournaments happen every week;

  • Pokemon:  Wednesday evenings at 18:00 – Entry £3
  • Magic: The Gathering: Friday evenings from 18:00 – Entry £3 (or £10.50 for booster drafts).  We follow a regular pattern of formats;

1st Friday of the month – Standard / 2nd Friday of the month – Modern / 3rd Friday of the month – Legacy / Last Friday of the month – Booster Draft.  In a 5 week month, we’ll put on either Standard or Modern in week 4…

  • Cardfight Vanguard: Saturday mornings at 11:30 – Entry £2
  • Yu Gi Oh: Saturday afternoons at 14:30 – Entry £3
  • Force of Will: Saturday evenings at 18:30 – Entry £3

For all of our trading card game tournaments, we use a standard prize structure, with one booster pack per player being put into the prize pool.  Additional prizes for some games, such as promotional cards, are available while stocks last.

We also run tournaments for the X-Wing Miniatures Game, Star Trek Attack Wing, Imperial Assault, Star Wars: Armada, Android: Netrunner, the Star Wars Living Card Game and Conquest: The Warhammer 40,000 Living Card Game.  Please see our Facebook Events Page for details of when these events will be happening.