Theme Nights

Every evening from 18:00 at The Gamers’ Emporium has it’s own theme.  Partially a way to allow like-minded individuals to plan when to meet in store, the theme of the night also informs our table-priority scheme (see below).

Day Theme
Monday Role Playing Games
Tuesday General Gaming (No Theme)
Wednesday Pokemon / Dungeons and Dragons OP
Thursday Wargaming
Friday Friday Night Magic
Saturday General Gaming (No Theme)
Sunday Board Games

If you’re playing games that fit the theme, you’ll get priority for a table over customers who are playing off-theme.This scheme only comes into force when the store is particularly busy.

A member of staff will tell you if you need to give up or change your table because of theme or capacity issues, and if you want to play a theme game and can see customers playing off-theme, then please ask the member of staff on duty to rearrange the seating.