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7 Wonders

7 Wonders Duel - 7 Wonders 7 Wonders Duel - 7 Wonders
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Experience an intense two-player struggle for supremacy in the ancient world! Designed by Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala, 7 Wonders: Duel adapts the game play and excitement of 7 Wonders for one-on-one battles. Choose the Wonders you aim to build and guide your city through three Ages of drafting cards from cunningly shaped tableaus. Victory can be achieved in three ways: by invading your opponen…
7 Wonders Second Edition - 7 Wonders 7 Wonders Second Edition - 7 Wonders
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Make the right decisions to lead your civilization to prosperity! Lead one of the seven greatest cities of Antiquity. Develop your civilization on a military, scientific, cultural, and economic level. Once built, will your Wonder bring you glory for millennia to come? No downtime, renewed fun in each game and perfect balance regardless of the number of players.
Architects - 7 Wonders Architects - 7 Wonders
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In 7 Wonders Architects, build one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world and gain as many victory points as possible to win the game! A game with simple rules and quick gameplay, perfect for those new to board games. A new design for friends and family set in the 7 Wonders universe, the most awarded game in the world. Set up and cleaned up easily, thanks to the different component trays included i…
Leaders - 7 Wonders Second Edition Expansion - 7 Wonders Leaders - 7 Wonders Second Edition Expansion - 7 Wonders
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At the heart of your city, exceptional men and women inspire your people and carry your civilization to its acme. Choose them carefully and they will contribute to your greatness. Neglect them and they will end up leading rival cities! In addition to two new Wonders, this expansion offers you a new type of card: Leader cards. Queens, astronomers, philosophers, and generals will bring an extra stra…


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